New Guidelines to Optimize CBD

As CBD becomes more widely used for common chronic ailments like chronic pain and anxiety, more research can offer insight on how we can properly dose patients for optimum results. 

Clinicians from North America, Brazil, Europe, Australia, and Africa with medical cannabis experience, created a Global Task Force to create guidelines for Dosing and Administration of Medical Cannabis in Chronic Pain. Collectively, the Global Task Force’s findings and recommendations will help clinicians, pharmacists and consumers alike benefit from the proper use of CBD for pain management. 

Heretofore, guidelines for CBD dosing and administration for pain have not existed. This has made it difficult for patients to know how best to use the plethora of available products. Many clinicians have been reluctant to recommend CBD because of the lack of sufficient research. Now, with these new Guidelines, physicians and patients can feel more comfortable with how CBD can be most safely and effectively used for those wanting to try it to help alleviate pain. 

The research conducted by the Dosing and Administration of Medical Cannabis in Chronic Pain task force has found these key elements to consider when introducing a patient to CBD doses. 

1. Starting with 5 mg of CBD twice daily. 

Starting with a smaller dose and building up is key to ensuring you’re taking enough to feel the effects of CBD. These doses can also depend on the time of day you’re taking it. Talking with a professional is the best way to handle your dosage. The factors should be studied by each individual case.

 2. For elderly patients, consider 1 mg per day.

Individuals with existing mood or behavioral disorders, and those currently taking medication should be treated conservatively. 

3. Patients suffering from severe pain can start with a rapid protocol. 

Individuals suffering from debilitating chronic pain can start their dosage at a higher level. The patient’s history with CBD will also be considered. These health history factors can help inform a suitable treatment plan.

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4. Children and adults have seen improvement with CBD, there is no age limit.

However, older patients see the best results.

One of the biggest advancements in CBD was FDA-approval for use in children with rare types of epilepsy. That research resulted in the first patented CDB drug called Epidiolex. 

Presently, there are no age restrictions on CBD. All  age groups have seen improvements of various ailments. The Task Force doesn’t report studies correlating negative side effects to the brain and CBD use. 

5.  Having your medications tailored by professionals is essential to creating a treatment plan.

The Task Force also recommended the use of CBD for those dealing with neuropathic, inflammatory, nociplastic, and mixed pain. Research shows that oral administration is the preferred method because it removes any complications with dosing. Making CBD oils available at various strengths are critical to proper dosing and building an effective treatment plan.

While these guidelines are useful, it’s important to know that not all CBD is the same. Thomas Seashore carries Ananda Professional full spectrum CBD products that includes all of the cannabinoids that are found in the plant in nature. Our professional grade products, only available at pharmacies, are rigorously tested for purity and consistency.

These new Guidelines were much needed, and go a long way toward the safe utilization of  CBD as a logical first option in pain management. For expert guidance on CBD, dosing, and how it may interact with prescriptions you may take, visit the Thomas Seashore location nearest you.

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