Compounding for Pets

Give your pet a tasty treat on their road to recovery.

Drug compounding for pets is the science of preparing custom medications in different sizes, forms and flavors. Compounded drugs make it easier to deliver medicine to your pets and ensures they don’t miss a crucial dose of medicine. Some prescriptions can even be combined into one dosage, taking the work out of managing monthly pet meds and refills.

Caring for every member of your family is important to us. Thomas Seashore Drugs is one of the few area pharmacies to offer compounded pet medications in our state-of-the-art pharmacy lab. We work closely with veterinarians and pet owners to create custom drugs in a variety of forms and flavors to make sure your pet gets the treatment and dose he needs.

We offer compounded pet meds in the following flavors:

Liver   •   Chicken   •   Beef   •   Tutti Frutti   •   and many more!

Contact us to learn how we can help get your pet feel better today!

custom meds for pets at Thomas Seashore Drugs pharmacy

Healthier pets.
Happier pet owners.

Does your cat dash away every time you pull out her prescription? 
Does your dog continually spit out his medicine? 
Are you tired of wrapping your pets’ medication in food? 

Reduce the hassle of delivering meds to your pets. Try compounding today!

Custom pet medications from Carolina's
most trusted compounding pharmacy

Thomas Seashore Drugs is a proud member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America.

Thomas Seashore Drugs is USP General Chapter 795 Compliant for Pharmaceutical Compounding.