Compounding for Medical Professionals

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The Thomas Seashore pharmacy team is always available to answer any technical questions from healthcare providers, clinical staff and patients regarding compounding and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Why Choose Thomas Seashore Drugs?

  • Four generations and over a century of pharmacy and compounding experience
  • Pharmacist consultations available for you and your patient
  • Hundreds of combined years of pharmacy expertise
  • Commitment to the purest ingredients, the latest technology and the best patient care

How to Write a Prescription for Custom Compounded Drugs

Please include the following on your compounding prescriptions:

  • Date
  • Patient Information
  • Prescriber Information
  • Name of Medication
  • Dosage form (cream, gel, capsule, suppository, liquid, etc.)
  • Strength
  • Quantity
  • Directions for use
  • Number of refills authorized
  • Statement of significant clinical difference (if applicable)
  • Please ensure “compounded medication” is written on the script

Custom medications from Carolina's most trusted compounding pharmacy

Thomas Seashore Drugs is a proud member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America.

Thomas Seashore Drugs is USP General Chapter 795 Compliant for Pharmaceutical Compounding.

Over a century of compounding expertise.

The Thomas family has been compounding medicines for their patients since 1902. Nowadays, our compounding pharmacy and techs continue this tradition, using only the purest chemicals and the latest in modern compounding technology to deliver customized prescriptions. Educating our customers on compounding drugs is important to our team–we want you to feel comfortable with your treatment options. Our expertise and knowledge have made us a regional leader in both human and pet drug compounding.