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About Calabash, NC

Calabash is a small town with a big reputation. This Carolina fishing town is known as the “Seafood Capital of the World” for its Calabash-style seafood–an assortment of Southern delicacies that are a culinary hit among tourists and residents of the Carolina seaboard.

After opening three family-run pharmacies across North Carolina, the Thomas family opened Seashore Drugs in Calabash in 1982. We’ve proudly catered to the town’s dedicated year-round residents for over 30 years.

Need recommendations for the best seafood restaurant in Calabash? Swing by our Calabash drugstore where Ed Thomas, owner and chief pharmacist of Seashore Drugs, is more than happy to provide restaurant recommendations for your next family dinner!

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Meet your Calabash pharmacist
Ed Thomas, PharmD, RPh

Learn more about Ed Thomas and the Thomas Seashore team.

Edward R. Thomas, Owner & Pharmacist at Thomas Seashore Drugs