Medication Therapy Management

What is medication therapy management?

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a service provided by pharmacists to help patients understand their health conditions and medications, prevent problems, and improve medication effectiveness. Many patients aren’t aware that they are using medications incorrectly, duplicating drugs, or taking unnecessary medications. Worse yet, some patients may have an untreated condition or a disease that isn’t being addressed.

Our pharmacy team at Thomas Seashore and Apothecary at St. James, located along the Coastal Carolina area, are ready to help. During a MTM consultation with our experienced pharmacists, we carefully review a patient’s entire prescription regimen, along with reviewing personal medication records, over-the-counter medicines, and herbal products to identify any medication interactions. You can expect a dedicated medication plan and ongoing treatment. We also work with the patient’s family, physicians, caregivers, and other health care providers to educate on and ensure the proper use of medications.

When working with MTM patients, our pharmacists aim to empower each patient on their personal journey to better medication therapy and better health. We encourage MTM patients to be knowledgeable about and responsible for their mediation use, because every patient deserves to understand what goes into his body.

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Interested in MTM for you or a family member?

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Why is MTM important?

MTM services ensure patients are safely taking medications and receiving the full benefits of their specific drug plan. More specifically:

  • MTM improves the quality of patient care and outcomes by reducing or eliminating disease symptoms, improving medication compliance, and even, saving lives.
  • MTM reduces health care expenses, such as physician appointments, emergency visits and hospitalizations.
  • MTM reduces the unwanted medication-related problems and reactions, and improves patient safety.

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